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Yoga is not a sport. 

It is a comprehensive self-care system. 

Yoga is a vehicle for inner Transformation, and for hundreds of years it was taught one-on-one, teacher to student, with the physical, mental and emotional needs of each individual at the center of each practice.

While group classes can be fun and a great way to exercise, they can be intimidating and leave new students feeling lost, out of place, and that "yoga isn't really for me."  And they can result in injuries, which is always unacceptable.

Please believe me when I say, the problem is the class, not you.  If you can breathe, you can do yoga!  

Consider investing in your health, wellness and vitality with private Yoga therapy sessions, and experience authentic Yoga as it has been shared for hundreds of years.

Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga therapy is the branch of Yoga that adapts traditional postures, breathing techniques and relaxation exercises to the specific needs of the individual. 

Essentially, Yoga therapy is Yoga the way it was designed to be taught: one-on-one with an experienced, compassionate teacher who creates a practice appropriate to the unique individual before them.

Today, Yoga therapy is emerging as a new field of integrated medicine because it is a modality that inherently addresses the client in a comprehensive, holistic way, taking the whole person – not just his or her symptoms – into consideration.  This makes Yoga therapy ideally suited for those with persistent health problems or injuries.  

Kate's emphasis is helping students develop the tools they need to manage stress, relax deeply, and become active participants in their own healing.  With over 20,000 hours of teaching experience, Kate is a master in adapting postures, and creating bespoke practices for each of her students that leave them feeling empowered, and centered in their essential self.

Kate teaches private and semi-private Yoga therapy sessions to select, committed students in her beautiful Belleair, FL studio,  and to any open-minded student worldwide via FaceTime/Skype.  

Please email to inquire about scheduling and with any questions.