Mentorship =

Soul Coaching


Transformational Coach. Intuitive Therapist. Soul sherpa.

Sometimes it is difficult to articulate what I do. After 20+ years of working one-on-one with students, I still struggle with how to categorize my work, or cultivate an “elevator speech.”


It is much easier to experience it, than explain it.

Basically, I see you. All of you. I see you as inherently whole and vibrant and full of goodness.

And, I also see how so often our early-childhood woundings and programing have unconsciously created patterns in our lifestyle habits, relationships and money stories that are holding us back from consciously creating the life we desire.

Diving into these unconscious energetics is the fastest and most potent way I know to create real and sustainable transformation in any area of our lives. Remember — your conscious brain that is reading this right now, is less than 10% of your total mind. Like an iceberg, guess which part is driving the ship?

We all came here is a “soul curriculum.” Something other than our mind and our body chose each and every experience we are having. But what if we could adapt and learn and grow a little faster? What if our soul’s evolution didn't have to be filled with suffering all the time?   


Our work together might look like:

·      Reducing pain, improving sleep and energy through appropriate movement

·      Transformational Breathwork and relaxation techniques

·      Replacing outdated stories, and removing limiting beliefs

·      Relationship clarity and seeing our partners as Soul Medicine

·      Clearing out energies that aren't yours and defining boundaries

·      Chakra balancing and Intuitive Healing

·      Helping you clear unconscious blocks you are unable to see for yourself

Nearly all my coaching clients work with me by phone, from all over the world. Learn more below, or contact me directly.





And the time came

when the risk to remain tight

in a bud was more painful than the

risk it took to bloom.

- Anais Nin