Be. Radically. You.

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I am all about TRANSFORMATION.

I also deal in the currencies of AUTHENTICITY and ACTIVATION.

I am a vivifer who is passionate about empowering individuals to cultivate awareness, heal themselves and wake up to their inherent wholeness.

I do not provide “coping skills.” 

My gift is sharing and implementing concrete, grounded and resonate tools for actual CHANGE. 

Primarily, I use: 


The time of living in the dark, half-asleep in an unconscious “default mode” is over. 

Using yoga therapy, essential oils and personal coaching, I work with individuals ready to wake up to their sovereignty, reconnect with their Essence, and experience true freedom by Becoming. Radically. You.  




1.     Of or relating to the origin; fundamental;

2.     Thoroughgoing or extreme, especially as regards change from accepted or traditional  forms;

3.     Characterized by departure from tradition; innovative or progressive.


musings + meditation

insights + inspiration